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Winter Empty Winter

Post  Pluis on Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:18 pm

This is not the clan i joined be4...
im gonna take pluis out off the clan.
ppl use to respect my opinion and my judgement
this clan was about have fun and play together as friends and family
this clan was about to help players to have fun in game and rl

A players ask us for help and we ignore this ?? oh as long we have fun and dont have to take a risk
then its ok?

We didnt care about how high a player lvl is , he could join anyway if he was a friend or family,
winter is my friend and i want him in, so ???

now we worry if players with high lvl leave the clan if he joins, i say , thats their choice to leave,
just leave if you dont like it, i thought we still were a clan who dont care off winning bc or whatever
we play for fun.
Sure its fun to play bc, but is it more important to win bc then help another human ?

I'm realy dissapointed and mad about how this clan is playing with a human life, and its not
a clan were i want to be related to .

Back in the old days i remember woeps and i were playing in ice, a player we all know now with a very high reputation was there,
he told us he was sad and lonley and wanted to join xternal.
There was also a vote on him in clanchat coz back then he didnt have a good reputation, i voted yes, he is a nice guy.
Leader and vice said then, Pluis if you say yes we trust youre opinion and let him in.
Now he is a very respected high lvl player in our clan.

History repate itself, now its winter ask for help, only thing different now ppl dont trust on
my judgement .

Every negative thing about winter ppl told me i talked to winter about it, some said he borrowed stuff and never gave back
so i asked winter, he said , yes he did borrow and when i pmt them to give it back they didnt respond, so what can i do ?
He gave me the things he borrowed and i payed back in his name. How many ppl realy know him and had problems with him?
or is it just gossip most off the time...

No hard feelings against the clan , woeps , tony or any1
I move on, have fun all , ttyl Razz

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Winter Empty Re: Winter

Post  SupremeKiller on Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:37 am

Hmmm it sounds like people need to respect your opinion,but you cant respect the opinion of other people Question
Winter was already in clan and blow it.I believe in seconded chances and i did voted yes but we need to decide on this all together not you say yes and everyone follow and cant say anything.
We gave a chance to drmarz,deathlags etc... etc.. etc.. I dont think we are babysitters of pristontale!!!!
People do know what they say do etc... its their choice!!!!!No matter how many chances you give them. they will always keep doing it because they know your'll take them back.I believe we play PT to get away from the drama of life.

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Winter Empty pfffffffffffffffffffff

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:52 pm

I will react on this soon Shocked

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Winter Empty Soon is now

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:17 pm

OK, Sups and Pluis and rest who wanna read this. Shocked
First of all i do respect pluis her opinium and she can take it from others also.
Think i need to react and explain a bit over here, because think i can see whats happening .
Pluis i know longest of all in game beside my wife and Winter didnt blow it before.
He was askt to leave clasn when Grimreaper and priest something and drmogz enterd the clan same time.
The flame and drama part made me dicide to expell 3 players because they didnt stop the drama in clanchat. cheers
At that point i do think sup is right , we arnt babysitters.

Winter was the only player at that point who stopt react in clanchat so i persenaly askt him to leave the clan so i could solve
the things about him. This is what he did. So he didnt blow it but left because i askt him .
I also told him i needed time to do some research on him and he could join other clans .
So for those who think winter been in many clans since he left us.
Yes he did ask me each time what to do ( wtf Surprised , i fellt important , why? )

Because a lott of players inside and outside the clan pmd me alott about him ,
that he was hacker cheater spammer scammer and so on, i askt around alott.
I did this because i was interested in him as a friend does and because we run a clan.
So i started check on him, because others gave me the idee he was really really bad person.

Checkt items he respected for people when it failt ( askt Gm's about that )
Also askt Bruce to get some info if possible from GM Peter, because Bruce has him on msn and chats
about real life alott with him ( was not nice of me to ask bruce to do this for me, but i did. )
As i also trust Bruce his worth, Gm's couldn't find anything on winter for hack , cheating in game.
All i do know he been band for his temper in game a few times. cheers
Alreaddy been told before, but than again, might clear up wrong idees about him.
All what was left now was his persenal things with players in clan.

So each time i found out there was some1 who didnt like him i askt that person why.
And when i talkt to that person i askt winter about it. Each time i was thinking, ok i can solve this.
But after the merge with external, witch i still see as an good thing for 2 clans at that point we also bring in players
who dont like winter.

So for me at that point more work came in to make it possible for winter to join. Embarassed
So what Pluis means at this point is, we almost had it solved behind the screens and than we merged.
Now again i need to explain a bit more.

For players who think Tony's only goal is get a strong BC clan , they are wrong.
He discusd it with me and i talkt about it also with others ( including Pluis)
And yes, i do agree that making a merge like this would upsett a few players because things chanche than.
1 of those players is scotzian. ( and thats why also windrook left )
I always saw when we invited 1 or 2 players people could get to know a person the easy way.
Now with a merge many come in at the same time, and people need time to see many new faces.
The other thing is we expeld a lott of inactive players before that.
Not because they didnt fitt in clan but because all inactive^^

So,Here comes a part of Dawns ( scotzians ) problem around the corner.
She felt left out because she wasnt involved in the discussions for a merge. Embarassed
But how can i discus with some1 who isnt online alott. Exclamation
So for scotsian i dont know if winter was a real problem that he could join.

But i told before that if 1 player comes in and 2 or 3 dont want him ( no need really to explain )
we wouldnt invite that player.

Now pluis and espike left because of thinking her and his opinium didnt count at all.
Yes their opinium did count , but it wasnt enough to lett me dicide to lett him in.
In the past we did like 2-3 players from the core or the beginng dicide for lett some1 in.
Since we have 70-80 players now i think 5-6 players say no is enough to say no to a PLAYER for join.

I not say no to the human been behind the character, because i can still see tarek as a friend if i want that.
But for this clan i no need drama no more or flame in clanchat for 1 player who might or might not be ok.

I still enjoy when i see him play in game, and alreaddy noticed he joind eternal again.
So i hope he has found a god home^^^for his pike because this clan cant give hm that atm.

Now , i also talkt to Pluis again and espike and if i am correct they will come back to clan.
Both also made their point in leaving the same as eric did for his opinium.
All are basicly the same and all love the game. cheers

The point is i wanna keep this bunch of cowboys together so for problems in clan i do my best to keep
the clan clean of it..

I can go on for hours here but should be ok now i think.
Just a page from my diary Smile


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Winter Empty Re: Winter

Post  espikey on Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:13 pm

sjeeeeeeeeeeeees, i had to read this 3 times before i understood everything and now i write this i have to read it again 3 times becoz i lost it already.
but anyway, thx allot for you're reply, we know its you're vacation and you still take the time to keep everything organized in our clan.
I guess i good clanleader can't rest and sit back, and only hope every thing will be ok .
That change you will get in a resthouse for old ppl later Razz.

Maybe for some players it seems it was a over reaction from me and Pluis to leave the clan over this, but more happend over this not all know off, so woeps did explain a bit in his reply.

I realy hope winter still have a change to join Rebirth some day.

p.s Woesp : is it a idea to change youre job into bookwriter ?? Wink Wink

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Winter Empty Re: Winter

Post  Tarek on Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:50 pm

Thanks Alot pluis . and thanks for everyone defend me or atleast helped me.. Smile..about u Rob.. im really sad from u then u tony.. cuz both not helped me..Sad


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Winter Empty Re: Winter

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